SensorNode – Integrated Sensor Data Unit (ISDU)

SensorNode or Integrated Sensor Data Unit (ISDU) is developed with primary focus on customization options that it can offer for different use cases. The overall architecture is modular where sensors, memory, communication channels can be customized as per needs.

SensorNode can stream data over USB connection or any other communication interface as per use case. It supports sensors as depicted below and can be customized as per need.



The camera is always used as Image/Video sensor to capture the content in front of it. There are technological advances to make it more efficient, to take better quality images/videos. However, it is still dumb sensor that transmit the data.

Instead, our efforts are to make it intelligent to give decisions on the content itself as per user needs.

With machine learning at Edge, camera can take the decision for specific use cases.

In industrial applications, it can  detect the specific action to give confirmation to operator sitting in the control room.

In our daily applications, it can take up a task of security personnel to identify the people/vehicles coming in, match with approved database and raise the alerts if required.

In more advanced stage, it can identify facial expressions and body language to detect any suspicious behaviors.

The EdgeVision solution can be implemented as software only, on the feeds from existing cameras or it can be implemented as stand-alone solution with associated hardware without need for any back end platform.