About Us

Cens Data Solutions is focused on delivering embedded system solutions for mission critical applications, IIoT solutions across different industry verticals and development of innovative in-house products.

Unlike others, we believe in building long term relationship through mutual trust and collaboration that benefits both the sides. We treat every opportunity as start of new partnership for future with primary focus on offering all necessary support to make you successful.


We Have Expertise In


  • Different hardware platforms like TI MSP430 family, STM32 family, etc.
  • Programming with C/C++, Python, C#, RTOS
  • Machine learning, Deep learning
  • Signal processing, Computer Vision
  • mmWave

Being small makes us more agile and adaptable to change. Our development approach reflect the same.


Meet The Team

Sushant Gharat

Co-Founder & CEO


Atul Dixit

Business Advisor