Mission Critical Applications

Most of the mission critical applications have few things in common like,

  • Hardware reliability in extreme operational conditions
  • Redundant processes for continuity of service
  • Lowest power consumption possible
  • Security

Our past experience to deliver a security monitoring equipment for nuclear industry has given us insights and necessary experience to address these key performance parameters.


Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is moving into new era with Industry 4.0 and there is flood of innovative ideas to improve industry performance and quality. However, it vastly depends on the compatible hardware availability and interfaces.

Our SensorNode offers flexible off-the-shelf options to customize your sensor needs, interfacing choices thereby saving on the cost on infrastructure changes.

SensorNode is capable of accepting machine learning modules for specific use cases. e.g. vibration sensor on SensorNode can be trained to identify and alert any operational conditions at field level.


Along with this, Our EdgeVision system can add extra checks in addition to existing field sensors on the operational steps carried by personnel or machines in the field using Computer vision/machine learning algorithm. e.g. EdgeVision can detect if operator is opening the valve or closing it and send alert accordingly.


Supply Chain

Supply chain systems paired with IoT can significantly improve supply chain efficiency and cost performance logistics and storage. IoT-enabled tracing providers necessary transparency for the items that move along the supply chain. Further by integrating IoT with blockchain’s distributed ledger, stakeholders can automate many logistics and storage processes.



Logistics industry itself has remained slightly away from main-stream technology progress except addition of GPS tracking.

The main hurdle for the same is mobility of assets and limitations of hardware options available.

Our SensorNode can address this hurdle head on by providing real time condition monitoring of assets along with location over wireless. Going one step further, it can provide sealing facility to monitor and track any pilferage.

Pharmaceutical logistics is becoming more competent to monitor conditional parameters of drugs in transit with progress in organic drugs. While logistics partners can provide necessary tracking solutions at container level, SensorNode can address the requirement at individual package level for third party assurance.